Global Future Fellows
by Pijar Foundation

The Global Future Fellows (GFF) is a short-term fellowship program by Pijar Foundation, in line with our spirit to promote ‘collaborative governance’ between public, private, and community sectors.

GFF premiered in 2022 in Indonesia. We expect the GFF to produce a robust, multi-sectoral, global network of problem-solvers and a launchpad for scaled, sustained, and impactful collaborations to #SolveTheFutureNow.

  • GFF 2022: Safeguarding Indonesia's Energy Transition
    Energy transition is one of Indonesia’s priorities as the G20 2022 President, and humanity’s biggest challenge to avoid irreversible damages to our people and planet.
  • Collaborative Action Plan on Equitable and Sustainable Energy Transition
    As part of the inaugural Global Future Fellows' proceedings, a Collaborative Action Plan was created based on discussions with Fellows and Speakers.

    The document has been presented in a number of international and national fora, including COP-27 in Egypt; B20 and G20 events in Bali; and in philanthropy conferences in Japan.
  • GFF 2023
    We are currently preparing the next edition of the GFF.

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Global Future Fellows 2022: Safeguarding Indonesia's Energy Transition

Pijar Foundation successfully organized the inaugural Global Future Fellows (GFF) in September - October 2022, in Bali and Jakarta.

The first edition of GFF focused on the theme "Safeguarding Indonesia's Energy Transition", with 36 Fellows from the public, private, and community sectors.

The GFF 2022 produced a Collaborative Action Plan, identifying five areas to promote an equitable and sustainable energy transition in Indonesia.

Global Future Fellows 2022 covered by NET TV
National Coverage of the Global Future Fellows 2022
What makes the GFF unique?
  • Open Ground
    Fellows from different backgrounds will engage in dialogues and social events to form a strong bond.
  • Practical Action Plan
    Fellows will consolidate learnings into a practical ‘collaborative action plan’ (Rencana Aksi Kolaboratif).
  • Common Direction
    The action plan will be coordinated with key decision-makers to foster a common direction.
Collaborative Governance Framework
The concept of collaborative governance is deeply rooted in societies around the world. In Indonesia, it is closely related to the traditional principle of "Gotong Royong” - collective resource-sharing to execute complex tasks.

The process of collaborative governance is one that is human-centred and begins with an understanding of a particular situation from different points of view.

Each edition of GFF will take on a different theme, covering a range of topics.

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