Global Future X
by Pijar Foundation
Global Future X

Global Future X by Pijar Foundation is a movement to promote multi-sectoral collaboration to anticipate changes and build a sustainable future.

Working through three pillars – Insights, Talks, and Fellows – Global Future X aims to catalyze meaningful partnerships to #SolveTheFutureNow.

The movement is pioneered in Indonesia, a highly-diverse leader of the Global South.

      Articles Written by the Global Future X Team

      Global Future Talks

      Amplifying critical conversations to ensure no one is left behind.

      Global Future Fellows

      Elevating leaders and problem-solving critical issues.

      Global Future Fellows (GFF) is a short-term fellowship program initiated by Pijar Foundation, in line with our spirit to promote ‘collaborative governance’ between public, private, and community sectors.

      • Expert Dialogues, Keynote Speeches, and Masterclasses
      • Group Discussions
      • Creation of an Action Roadmap
      • Site-Visits
      Meet Our Team
      • Cazadira F. Tamzil (Azira)
        Azira is a public policy expert, with a heart for teaching, fostering talents, and institutionalizing best practices. Her background is a unique blend of academia, strategy consulting, and non-profit management.

        Why GFX? "We need to promote collaborative and innovative governance that puts People and Planet at the heart of development. This is what Global Future X does.

        Collaborative and innovative governance requires an enabling environment and a host of transformational forces to reshape minds, markets and policies."
      • Ellya Rizki Handayani
        Policy Specialist
        Ellya is a policy analyst who has interests in social development, sustainability, advocacy and human rights. She has worked in an international organization focused on the business and trade nexus between Indonesia and the UK. She was also involved in an ad-hoc project with a private consultant to advocate business interests and Indonesian policy.

        Why GFX? "As we believe in accelerating impact through collaboration, GFX is the right platform to elevate the collaboration between public, private and community sector to solve future challenges. Through our three pillars–Global Future Insights, Talks and Fellows, we invite you to work together to #SolveTheFutureNow."
      • Hasintya Saraswati (Ayas)
        Policy Specialist
        Ayas has more than eight years of experience in managing and facilitating technological innovations in organizations. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with all types of clients from Global Enterprises, National Companies, Governments, Development Agencies, Startups, as well as communities.

        Why GFX? "GFX is an answer to future challenges. GFX allows Indonesian leaders to elevate the skills and knowledge necessary to reach common goals - be it national or international."
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