PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) aims to be the leading electricity company in Southeast Asia and the #1 customer choice for energy solutions. PLN’s core business is the supply of electricity, especially in generation, transmission and

PLN has the obligation to increase installed capacity for power supply and the development of electricity infrastructure such as transmission networks, substations, and distribution networks. PLN continues to improve its services, considering
that electricity is a basic infrastructure need that will create a multiplier effect for the progress of the Indonesian economy.

PLN has expanded its various business sectors through subsidiaries, associated entities, joint ventures, and special purpose vehicles (SPV). In line with the motto “Electricity for a Better Life”, PLN continues to develop services to become a
world class electricity company, for example through the implementation of SOLID (Securing Business Sustainability, Optimizing Cost Efficiency, Leading Industry Capabilities, Increasing Profit Contribution and Developing New Edge) business
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